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All Bingo

All Bingo

At San Manuel Indian Bingo & Casino, we host Bingo six days a week - with matinee games to boot.

The stakes are high and the buy-ins are low.

We are also home to the unlimited Do-It-Yourself jackpot. The DIY starts at $15,000 each day and remains at $15,000 until it is played twice.

After the second play the jackpot increases $5,000 on Saturday and Sunday and $3,000 Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday if it does not get hit.

Do-It-Yourself Jackpot

About Bingo

Coverall in 50 numbers or less pays posted Jackpot prize. Consolation prize pays $1,000. The Super Jackpot starts at $5,000 and grows $1,000 each day it is not hit until it reaches $10,000. If the jackpot is not hit for $10,000 a $5,000 must go prize is played on the next day.

This game is played as an Odd/Even Coverall. The Jackpot prize is determined as follows:

Player wins in 49 numbers or less $10,000
Player wins in 50 numbers $7,500
Player wins in 51 numbers $5,000
Player wins in 52 numbers $2,500
Player wins in 53 numbers or more $1,000 Consolation Prize

The player must form 2 straight lines on a single card. If the lines form one of the special patterns below they win $1,000 plus the posted prize:

Each pattern starts at $100 and grows $50 a day until hit.

Catch 10 numbers on 1 card. No free space. Pays $500. Bonus #1 paid if pattern forms Inside or Outside Corners. Bonus #2 paid if pattern forms Hardway Sixpack. Each Bonus starts at $100 and increases $50 until hit.

The Shotgun Bonus game will be played after the Intermission Game.

Learn the Bingo Lingo and how to play. And feel Free to ask for assistance. Our bingo staff is available to show you how to play. Just ask any of our friendly staff or let us know that you are new to the game. Click here for more info.