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Club Serrano Win Loss

Win/Loss (tax) Statement

Starting in 2019, Club Serrano members will NO LONGER HAVE TO COME to the casino (or have it mailed to them) to get their win/loss (tax) statements as members can now download and print their tax statement Online!

How To Download/Print Your Win/Loss Statement

To view and print your win/loss (tax) statement and receive your tax statement immediately, simply follow these steps:
  • Sign in (or create) your Online Club Serrano Account by clicking link below. Please Note: An Online account is NOT created upon signing up for a Club Serrano Card. You will have to sync your Club Serrano card with an Online account. If you have not already created an Online account - please click here.
  • Navigate to your account summary on the menu by selecting Club Serrano, Win/Loss Tax Info.
  • Select time period you would like to view from the drop down below.
  • Your win/loss (tax) statement will automatically update based on your selection.
  • Select "PRINT PDF" for a printable version of your statement or save to your desktop.

Please note: If the year you are looking for does not appear on the drop down menu, it means that you do not have any recorded play for that particular calendar year. Also, note that the report will not appear until AFTER the calendar year concludes.

Need Help?

If you have any questions, please reference our FAQs here, or check out our HOW-TO VIDEOS:

Video: How to create an ONLINE Club Serrano Account (AKA Sync your Club Serrano Card)
Video: How to download/print my win/loss Statement

Still having trouble? Request a copy be mailed to you here.

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PLEASE NOTE: Only Club Serrano members can download their Win/Loss form Online. Please refer to www.IRS.gov for further information regarding Gambling and Income Expenses. 

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