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DJ Inaia

Inaia’s sets are a fresh, breezy concoction that blend various languages and cultural influences into an experience for the mind, body and soul.

Starting college as a dance major and later a musical theater major, Inaia worked as a professional dancer, performing in numerous stage shows and music videos, until she decided to focus fully on music and touring the world as a singer and DJ.

Music Curator & Creator/DJ/Vocalist/Producer/Yogini Inaia hails from Puerto Rico and has traveled the world sharing her deep, jazzy, groovin’ & soulful sounds with audiences all over the globe. She has performed throughout the United States in many venues in Miami Beach New York, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and Atlanta. Internationally, her career has brought her to perform in countries such as Japan, Korea, India, Thailand, Italy, France, Chile, Morocco, China, Bahamas, Puerto Rico and Dominican Republic.

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