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Dr. Jane Ferruzzo's Harp Adds Beauty to San Manuel's Sunday Brunch


Thursday, August 25, 2016

Dr. Jane Ferruzzo's Harp Adds Beauty to San Manuel's Sunday Brunch
By Thomas LaRocca

Brunch at San Manuel is a full sensory experience.

Guests can indulge in the smell of an upscale, all-you-can-eat buffet, the taste of unlimited mimosas, the sight of a newly refurbished and state-of-the art Pines restaurant and of course the feeling of a winning slot machine at San Manuel Casino.

But last we checked - there are five senses - San Manuel what do you have for the ears?

Enter Dr. Jane Ferruzzo and her beautiful harp - performing every Sunday at the Pines Brunch at San Manuel Indian Bingo & Casino.

"I have been playing the harp for over 20 years," Jane said. "I saw it on the TV [when I was a kid] and then I bothered my mom to get me one and started playing it."

With a songbook that ranges from classical to pop hits and everything in between, Jane tries to 'pick more songs that will sound good together and not too upbeat or too low to set a nice mood in the background."

In addition to her weekly appearance at San Manuel, Jane has performed at hundreds of weddings, teaches music at several local institutions, has performed and recorded works worldwide with such artists as Randy Newman, Snoop Dogg, Brian Wilson and Nathan Pacheco, while also having recorded multiple soundtracks and movies.

One soundtrack that she did not perform on - but has mastered - the theme song to Jurassic Park.

"I just performed at a wedding that was Jurassic Park themed," she said. "They really liked the music, they walked down the aisle to the theme song to Jurassic Park."

One of her favorite songs to perform is "Paint it Black" by the Rolling Stones, as "people get a kick out of that." But Jane will play anything from a diverse array of musical styles such as classical and contemporary music, jazz, pop and world music.

And she takes requests too!

Jane started performing here at San Manuel last fall and this is the first brunch the talented musician has ever performed at.

"I have never done a brunch before this, but it's a ton of fun," she said. "During my breaks, I get to enjoy the food. It's really good and it's a ton of variety. It's delicious every time.

"I look forward to Sundays."

Born and raised in Germany, Jane comes from a very musically gifted family as her mother was a trained opera singer, brother a professional violinist and her sister plays the flute while serving as a musical therapist at a hospital back home.

Moving to Southern California in 2003 when she started working on her Master's Degree, Jane quickly started landing gigs performing in the area.

"One of the great things about being in Los Angeles is there is so much opportunity."

Sundays are your opportunity to see this talented musician while enjoying a delicious Brunch here at San Manuel.

For more information on our brunch, click here. To read up more on our wonderful harpist, click here.

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