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Get Your Pop-Culture Fix at San Manuel


Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Get Your Pop-Culture Fix at San Manuel
By Jonathan Yost

Are you a pop culture fiend? Do you talk in movie quotes? Do you take the “Which Ghostbuster are you?” quiz? How about “Which Jurassic World Dinosaur are you?” Or “What 80’s Video Game Character are you?” Me, too! And Peter Venkman, Pteranodon, and Frogger, in case you were wondering.

With WonderCon behind us and San Diego’s Comic-Con International ahead, you may be wondering where you can hang out with some of your favorite characters. Well, you can get your culture fix right here at San Manuel Indian Bingo & Casino.

For those Netflix-bingers, we have a ton of slots for you to soak in. While you would normally want to avoid The Governor, The Walking Dead slot machine has a Governor bonus game, dropping cash instead of survivors. While Winter seems to have been coming for a lifetime, the Game of Thrones slot is already here. Watch as dragons ascend across the screen, creating more and more reels for bonuses as epic as the fight scenes from the show. If that’s too much action for you, you can get real cerebral on our HUGE Big Bang Theory slot!

All of this seem too contemporary for you? Not a problem. We also offer the chance to hang with Richie, Chachi, and, of course, The Fonz with the Happy Days slot machine. If there’s any slot machine perfect for being neighbors to the Cunninghams, it’s Lucille Ball and the whole I Love Lucy crew. An icon in comedy, the I Love Lucy machine is sure to bring back some great memories while making new ones!

Speaking of icons, I can’t forget to mention two major icons: Elvira, Mistress of the Dark, icon of B movies and Wonder Woman, icon of beating up bad guys! Join Elvira as she acts as campy as ever and you rack up the free games! If you want to hang out with someone more colorful, or help Lynda Carter's Wonder Woman as she upholds the virtues of truth and justice… and jackpots.

Are movies more your thing? How about hanging with Doctors Alan Grant, Ellie Sattler and, umm, uhhh, Ian Malcom while playing the Jurassic Park slot machine? Yes, it is EXACTLY as awesome as it sounds. There’s even a “steal the embryos” bonus game! Too scared to hang out with dino DNA? How about some Oompa Loompas? Yes, of course there’s a Willy Wonka slot machine and, of course, we have it. Help Charlie and Grandpa Joe take over the factory and you could take over the jackpot!

Maybe you’re a music person? Of course we have you covered. Between Michael Jackson “thilling” you with his iconic hits or the KISS machine partying every day, you can get your rock n’ roll on as you long to see those reels line up to launch some amazing bonus games. If you’d rather Escape to Margaritaville, you can literally do so. Grab a signature margarita from The Finish Line Bar, and head to the Escape to Margaritaville slot, where you will be among fellow parrot-heads. Or, you can oops, do it again at the Britney slot, where Toxic isn’t a bad thing, it is a type of bonus game. 

And, we even have something for those with every console and every board game known (and unknown). While Up up, down down, left right, left right, B A Start won’t help you, our Contra game is still awesome. Or, you could take a roll of the proverbial 20-sided die with the exceptionally epic Dungeons and Dragons slot machine. You could be a level 70 slot player in no time.