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Chingon Performers

Chingon Performers

Nothing goes better with tequila and tacos than tunes.

Enjoy live nightly performances from a wide array of Latin artists with five shows on Fridays and Saturdays (every hour 8pm - 12am) and four performances Sundays - Thursdays (every hour 7pm - 10pm) in George Lopez's Chingon Kitchen Tequila Lounge.

Located on the second floor of San Manuel Casino, you'll hear the best local Latin Jazz in a cozy and intimate setting.

Sample one of the largest selections of Tequila in the Inland Empire with friends while immersing yourself in the atmosphere that only the George Lopez's Chingon Kitchen can bring.

  • Angela del Rio

    She has a powerful and lyric style based in traditional Flamenco puro yet inspired by a mix of traditions, cultures, and movement vocabularies from around the Mediterranean world.

  • Cafe Fuego

    The unlikely city of Los Angeles, has produced a guitarist-composer that has been able to take the Rumba guitar stylings and rhythms to new fresh territories that reflect the urban/global mix of Southern California. Nicaraguan born Roger Espinoza is a product of American music and a faithful student of the traditional music of the gypsies.

  • Cale Music

    Calé creates an intimate relationship with their audience, connecting almost immediately with deep, guarded places in the soul. The origin of their Latin-fusion music, shaped and re-shaped through generations, is from Spanish-Arabic, North African and Romany regions.

  • Caro Pierotto

    Caro Pierotto is a Brazilian singer that fuses her musical roots with the diverse multi-cultural environment that Los Angeles has to offer, creating a unique sound that blends Bossa Nova and contemporary World Pop Music.

  • Gitanos Music

    After 20 years of touring South America, Daniel "Gitano" Gallardo, experienced guitarist from Buenos Aires, Argentina, brings his band Gitanos Gypsy Music to Southern California. 

  • Grupo Fenix

    This talented group is led by Melinda Salcido whose participation on Grammy award-winning albums have brought many opportunities in the industry.

  • Hispanica

    The music of South and Central America, Spain and Middle East are esthetically represented in this acoustic instrumental collection, reflecting the collaboration and musical inspiration of two superb guitarists song writers: Waldo Valenzuela and Alfredo Caceres.

  • Kimera Trio

    Kimera is a Latin Flamenco band based in Los Angeles, California. The sound of the group is an amazing musical journey with a mix of the finest rhythms of Latin America and Spain.

  • Modern Gypsy

    Emilio brings fiery passion, rhythm, energy, and love to his music. He skillfully blends elements of Spanish Flamenco guitar with South American, African and Middle Eastern rhythms, and then adds touches of modern and new age influences which make his music for both a meaningful and energetic experience.

  • Pasion Gitana

    Pasión Gitana’s Spanish Guitars incorporates the Gypsy guitars & vocals of Spain and the rhythms of Latin American and the Middle East. The style of music has many names. Rumba flamenca reflects the fusion of flamenco, a Spanish folk/artistic music tradition and rumba is from Afro-Cuban rhythms.

  • Ricardo Griego

    Ricardo Griego creates a unique combination of musical flavors. With a splash of Latin rhythm, a dash of Classical Structure, a pinch of Flamenco texture, he is able to express his musical and personal individuality.

  • Sitarason

    This group of accomplished musicians plays traditional and more modern Cuban music as well as Flamenco and popular Spanish music. SitaraSon has one ingredient that no other Latin band has...renowned vocalist, Lazaro Galarraga!

  • Trio Mariachi Acapulco

    The Trio-Mariachi Acapulco was formed in 1989 in the city of Tijuana BC Mexico lead guitarist Rafael Ramos and later completed by Emiliano Ramos and guitarist and singer, Anael Ledezma to complete the trio.

  • We The Folk

    We The Folk is a bilingual, multicultural band that plays an exciting mix of songs with classic covers from The Beatles, Louis Armstrong, to popular Latin jams.

  • Yussi Duo

    Original compositions blend Spanish and Middle Eastern guitar melodies with Jazz Harmonies and powerful Latin and Persian rhythms, and the result is an intriguing and playful sound similar to the Gypsy Kings, Ottmar Liebert and Strunz and Farah.

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